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ELTE sp. z o.o. is a trademark that has been developing its position on the market since 1992. It was founded as a small family enterprise which with time has reached the leading position at the Western Pomeranian province. The subject of trade includes fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) narrowed down to sanitary articles, disposable packaging and dishes for food service, household chemistry and small home appliances. The company covers the whole country with particular regard to the Western Pomerania Province and neighboring provinces. With its rich offer and professional service, we reach warehouses, trade networks and shops, hotels and restaurants (HoReCa sector), as well as the budgetary institutions. Years of experience and harmonious, smooth development have made ELTE sp. z o.o. a solid trading partner to a number of satisfied customers. Company's motto with which we have gained recognition in the eyes of customers is: Good product at reasonable price


Elte Sp. z o.o.

71-106 Stare Czarnowo
Kołbacz, ul. Warcisława 5B

Phone: +48  91  312  41  91
Email: elte@elte.pl


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