Product range

Household detergents

We have a wide range of household detergents in our offer. These products allow to ensure the highest standards for clean and fresh home and office. Their pleasant fragrances make us feel relaxed and comfortable in rooms where they are used. Their advanced chemical composition makes them effective and easy to use. We offer a full range of preparations by known brand and less known, but of equally good quality.

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Sanitary article

we also offer a wide range of (paper) sanitary articles selected for high quality. They are standard kit for each household, business and public utility facility. Here you will find basic products such as : toilet paper, folded kitchen towels, kitchen towels rolls, tissues in typical sizes and packs and in special sizes and packages, i.e. jumbo rolls and compact kitchen towels and custom products such as primers for couches. We also offer branded, plastic trays for sanitary articles

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Dishes and packaging for food & beverage services

Our extensive portfolio includes a wide range of dishes and packaging for catering industry. Food containers of different sizes and shapes with and without lids, menu-boxes with several types of space division inside, ideal for packaging of food products and dishes. Each catering and food industry representative will find products that will meet their needs. Disposable dishes and cutlery are selected by our specialists so as to ensure optimum quality, attractiveness, hygiene , convenience and safety at reasonable price. Prepared in smaller and larger packaging so that it can benefit both large and small catering businesses and individual clients.

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Small home appliances

to effectively clean any surface, cleaning agents, even the best, are not enough. You also need adequate equipment for cleaning. Smaller and larger brushes, cloths, buckets, mops etc. and gloves to protect hand against the harmful effects of detergents. These and many other tools for cleaning are also included in our offer. These are the basic and specialised products. Resistant, durable, compact and easy to use. They allow to maintain the indoor and outdoor speaces clean.

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Professional detergents

Large areas, high quality requirements for cleaning, more difficult stains, higher risks of bacteria and viruses are challenges which require the use of specialised and reliable chemical agents. Professional detergents intend to maintain hospitals, care homes, schools, industrial facilities, public facilities and hotels and catering facilities clean. (These are also products for home use but for special purpose e.g. preparation for cleaning bathtubs with whirlpool massage). Thanks to the high degree of concentration, the use of professional detergents saves time, costs and the environment. The preparations we offer have the required approvals and authorisations.

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we also offer cosmetic products. These are primarily agents to clean and protect skin ( i.e. soap, shower gels and hand creams) and products to (wash and style) your hair.

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Film products

film is one of the most popular packaging materials. Our offer includes rolls of stretch and bubble film and food film accepted for contact with food. There is also a wide range of food bags, disposable plastic bags and durable reusable bags in various visuals (printing vesrions). We also offer strong, thick and durable waste bags of our own Fido brands and other leading manufacturers that work both for home and industry conditions.

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Paper products

Next to film, paper is one of the most popular materials used for products packaging. That is why we also offer packaging paper and many types of paper packs. These are primarily packages approved for contact with food used by the food sector such as paper bags, cases for cakes and gastronomic sector e.g. pizza boxes. You can also find a wide range of sizes and designs for gift bags and decorative papers.

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Small electrical equipment

the products that we offer within a small group of electrical equipment include batteries and LED bulbs and electrical insects repellers and electric air fresheners.

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Candles allow to create a unique mood at home, restaurant or other gastronomical point. Their scented versions allow to raise the feeling of comfort and relaxation which makes them indispensable in cosmetic salons and SPAs. We offer a wide range of brand table, standard and decorated ornamental and fragrant candles, innovative candles with LED diode, heaters and scented candles in glass. We also light candles in remembrance of those who passed away. We can offer the full range of sizes and kinds and paraffinic inserts to them.

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Decorative articles

they are decorative products of more aesthetic qualities compared to their standard counterparts. They are characterised by high quality and attractive appearance. To ensure visual decoration of a table during a meeting, celebration, party etc. we need the appropriate accessories. Our offer will satisfy the needs also in this matter.

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